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Corporate Information
Translators, Interpreters and Narrators WANTED
Narration scripts
 must be in spoken style rather than written,
 must be synchronized with the visuals as must subtitles,
 must match the duration of each scene exactly.
  Bright-Aki's native staff are well versed in video techniques.
Free estimate on request.
 Scrupulous pre-recording checks
 Narration material supervised and edited as required while recording
When it comes time to record,
The narration may be too long for the visuals!
And trying to give directions to narrators who don't speak your language
Is an irritating waste of time and money!
Been there before?
Before recording a narration, our native recording directors make sure that the screen contents and narration script match, and that each portion of the narration is of the same length (time) as the scene it relates to.
Our recording directors have a native understanding and a keen ear with which to cue narrators and convey expressions, intonation and subtle nuances precisely.
Experienced, high-quality, professional narrators!
Radio material (newsreaders, DJs and on-air personalities), commercials, titles, events, corporate public relations, product presentations, language learning material and an extensive array of other productions.
Bright-Aki's narrators are selected from the ranks of actors and singers to match exactly the image to be projected. Needless to say, this also applies to announcers and character voices.
 Free estimate on request.
 We will send narrators to your location.
 Sample CDs are available free of charge.

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